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Motivational Speaker | Influencer | Minister

 Educator | Mentor

Lychelle Richardson

"The time is now... ACTIVATE!"

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Lychelle Richardson is an educator, mentor, worship leader, and minister who loves God and values serving, singing, and mentoring youth. In 2021, Lychelle graduated Cum Laude from Norfolk State University with her Bachelor’s degree in History and is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Counseling at Liberty University. Lychelle has been teaching in the Norfolk Public School System for three years and loves equipping today’s students to be tomorrow's world-changers. In 2019, her passion for youth led her to found the GAD (God’s Anointed Daughters) Mentorship program, a teen girl mentorship group equipping teen girls to grow in their self-awareness and discover their purpose and faith. This program has served over 30 young teen girls and introduced them to lessons about beauty, health & wellness, conflict resolution, leadership, faith development, college preparation, and even sewing. She also serves as the Worship Leader of the Voices of Judah Praise Team at her local church, Ambassadors for Christ Deliverance Center. In this position, she leads and trains 13 other young adults to grow in their singing abilities and become worship leaders. Lychelle Richardson is a servant at heart and desires to see all prosper as a “go-getter” herself. She works hard to be the best she can be and desires that all do the same!

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